Talking Trees with Davey Tree

The Science of Trees, Fungi & Diseases

April 08, 2021 The Davey Tree Expert Company Season 1 Episode 13
Talking Trees with Davey Tree
The Science of Trees, Fungi & Diseases
Show Notes

Chrissy Balk,  technical advisor for the Davey Institute, teaches us all about the science of trees, such as how photosynthesis works, how trees help with storm water runoff, how they clean the air and types of fungi and diseases. 

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In this episode we cover:

  • Photosynthesis (2:05)
  • Storm water runoff and erosion (3:11)
  • Cleaning the air (4:01)
  • Human benefits (4:33)
  • Trees Chrissy has planted (6:14)
  • How Chrissy started her job (8:27)
  • Fungi (10:55)
  • Diseases (12:05)
    • Tar spots on maple leaves (12:20)
    • Pine Wilt - Pinewood Nematode (13:13)
  • The best part of Chrissy's job (18:22)

To find your local Davey office, check out our find a local office page to search by zip code.

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