Talking Trees with Davey Tree

Planting a Tree Best Practices + A GIVEAWAY!

April 01, 2021 The Davey Tree Expert Company Season 1 Episode 12
Talking Trees with Davey Tree
Planting a Tree Best Practices + A GIVEAWAY!
Show Notes

Natalie McNeill from Davey's Fort Collins, Colorado, office helps introduce our month-long celebration of Arbor Day by talking about best practices for planting a tree, as well as kicking off the Davey Planting Project Giveaway! We want to promote tree planting this Arbor Day, so we're giving away tree seeds to anyone and everyone who is interested! All you have to do is email a mailing address to [email protected] and you'll receive your complimentary seeds in the mail along with planting instructions.  You have until the end of the month to send us an email for your seeds. *Seeds can only be mailed within the U.S.

In this episode we cover:

  • Biggest mistakes when planting a tree (1:45)
  • Selecting the right tree for your property (2:29)
  • How deep should you plant a tree? (4:18)
  • Root flare (5:01)
  • Balled and burlap (6:28)
  • Soil (8:30)
  • Water (10:18) (13:04)
  • Mulching (11:15)
  • Natalie's favorite trees (15:15)
  • ISA Board Certified Master Arborist®  (16:34)
  • How Natalie found her way to trees (17:36)

To find your local Davey office, check out our find a local office page to search by zip code.

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