Talking Trees with Davey Tree

Arborists’ Work on Historical Properties

November 17, 2022 The Davey Tree Expert Company Season 2 Episode 44
Talking Trees with Davey Tree
Arborists’ Work on Historical Properties
Show Notes

Mike Bova, principal consultant and project developer for Davey Resource Group (DRG), Lou Meyer, business developer for Davey’s mid-Atlantic region, Makayla Minnes, utility vegetation management technician for DRG and Josh Piquette, branch manager of the Washington D.C./Maryland Commercial Landscape Services (CLS), talk about their favorite historical properties to work on and their Davey careers. 

In this episode we cover:  

  • Notable properties in the Washington D.C./Maryland area (1:05)  
  • The Armed Forces Retirement Home (2:30) 
  • Special care taken for historical trees (4:10)  
  • How it feels to work on historical properties (5:00)  
  • Makayla’s job as a UVM technician (7:45)  
  • The historic Austin properties that Makayla works on (9:00)  
  • Makayla’s favorite trees (10:44) 
  • Dealing with trees in wires (11:40) 
  • What Makayla likes about her job (12:36)  
  • How Makayla started with Davey (13:07)  
  • Fall weather in Austin (13:45) 
  • Hearst Castle – Significance of the property and the work Davey does there (15:00) 
  • What Mike looks for during a tree risk assessment (20:00)  
  • What being at Hearst Castle was like for Mike (22:58)  

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