Talking Trees with Davey Tree

Why You Should Love Your Leaves

October 13, 2022 The Davey Tree Expert Company Season 2 Episode 39
Talking Trees with Davey Tree
Why You Should Love Your Leaves
Show Notes

Jay Judd from Davey’s East Denver office talks about the benefits of leaves, emerald ash borer (EAB), his favorite trees and what employee ownership means to him while we celebrate Employee Ownership Month through the month of October.  
To celebrate Employee Ownership Month, stay tuned to the end of each episode throughout the month of October to hear what each Davey guest enjoys about employee ownership at Davey.    


In this episode we cover:  

  • The benefits of leaves (0:50)  
  • Using leaves for mulch and compost (2:45)  
  • Fall foliage in Colorado (3:35)  
  • Jay’s favorite tree for fall color (4:50)  
  • Using leaves for crafts (5:11)  
  • How Jay started with Davey (6:35)  
  • What employee ownership means to Jay (7:42)  
  • What Jay gets out of his job (8:36)  
  • The role of leaves (10:57)  
  • Some of Jay’s favorite trees (13:25)  
  • Emerald ash borer in Colorado (17:26)  


To find your local Davey office, check out our find a local office page to search by zip code.  

To learn more about managing leaves in your yard, read our blog, Managing Fallen Leaves in Your Yard. 

To learn more about using leaves for compost, read our blog, Compost Shredded, Dry Leaves to Get These Leaf Compost Benefits. 

To learn more about Emerald ash borer, read our blog, The 101 on Emerald Ash Borer.  

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