Talking Trees with Davey Tree

Top 5 Evergreens for Privacy Screening

February 10, 2022 The Davey Tree Expert Company Season 2 Episode 6
Talking Trees with Davey Tree
Top 5 Evergreens for Privacy Screening
Show Notes

Sean Barlette from Davey's Northwest Detroit office shares some low maintenance evergreens that are great for privacy screening, as well as some advice on fungal and pest problems that affect some evergreens. 

In this episode we cover:

  • Low maintenance, privacy screening evergreens (0:43)
  • Being home more and thinking about privacy (1:44)
  • Eastern white pine (2:13)
  • Spacing (3:29)
  • Arborvitae (4:17)
  • Deer (4:46)
  • Smaller plants (5:38)
  • Other privacy screening evergreens (6:39)
  • Blue spruce and rhizosphaera (7:20)
  • Serbian spruce (8:58)
  • Hemlocks (9:32)
  • Mite activity on hemlocks (10:39)
  • How Sean found his way to his job and why he enjoys it (13:47)
  • Signal tree (15:03)

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